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Want to buy the most versatile suction bowl for your little munchkin? Plate Sticka  is not just another suction bowl, its a suction plate as well, simply because you can use your existing plates and bowls and it will stick on almost any smooth surface. Use at home, , your local café, camping, at Grandma’s house or even on a boat!

So no need to buy the whole kit of bowl, spoon, lid, plate and suction thingy that only fits the bowl that comes with the kit! phew! Plate Sticka is just one device that makes your tableware become a suction bowl, suction plate for whenever you need things to stay put!

And our reviews say it all! author of Sunny Coast Kids Magazine said “I have to say this is the BEST suction bowl for babies I have seen…..this one is true to it’s word and it actually does stick!”

And Penny Cook from Working Mums Master Class said “plate sticka does what its name says….you can use your own bowls or plates with it – you don’t have to buy special bowls. Crockery even sticks to it so you can bring out your Bunnykins heirlooms”

Ordering Your Plate Sticka


If you’d like to purchase you’re own Plate Sticka for RRP $12.95 plus a flat postage and handling fee of $2.50 AUSTRALIA-wide please use our secure PayPal payment gateway. You don’t have to be a Paypal member! Simply click ‘pay with your credit card or debit card’ and enter your postage details. NB: please ensure you fill in all the required fields.

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By popular demand! Plate Sticka  is so versatile why not one for the nappy bag as well? Or one for the kitchen, camping, arts and crafts and even one for the boat? Click on the link below and buy two plate sticka suction bowl without any extra postage and handling fees! NB: please ensure you fill in all the required fields.



INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS – Customers from the United Kingdom can now purchase their own Plate Sticka ® direct from 

Become a stockist – we stock in all great baby stores and pharmacies and if you’d like to join them please visit out stockist page.

Plate sticka – Better than any suction bowl!

Returns and Refunds – Returns for Plate Sticka suction plates is available for faulty products only. Send your faulty product to PO Box 336 Cotton Tree, Queensland 4558 Australia. Postage will be reimbursed upon up receival of the item. A new Plate sticka suction plate will be posted in 2-7 business days.