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plate sticka stop the plate drop better than any suction bowl

Plate Sticka stop the plate drop

Hi! My name is Sarah and I’m a mother of 3 who invented Plate Sticka ® out of sheer frustration from not being able to find a product which could easily make almost any plate or bowl stay put during meal times. Like most mothers I have been drenched in all manner of food stuffs and cleaning floors and tables is my least favourite thing to do!

I originally came up with the idea with my first child but it wasn’t until my twins arrived that I decided that I needed some help and quickly!

Like a lot of us I bought the baby suction bowl or baby bowl and one of the kits with the plate, bowl, a lid, spoon and the sticky thing and found it all too hard and ineffective (they’re all still sitting in the back of my Tupperware cupboard!) so after many tears, tantrums, designing, measuring and more designing and measuring I came up with Plate Sticka ®!

Time To Stay Put Plates!

and bowls…and mixing bowls, and platters, and serving plates, and dog and cat bowls, and arts and crafts….

I used my plate sticka for 3 meals a day for my twins every since, I have taken it to restaurants, weddings, parties you name it! And it has made my life so much easier. It’s also handy at craft time when you want that bowl of paint to stay still!

Many people have said “why don’t you make it a bright colour for the kids” and my answer has always been “it’s not for the kids” it’s clear and it’s low profile means that most of the time kids don’t even notice it. This low profile makes it unique in the market also, if something sit too high off the table my littlest boy would have done his very best to get it off, Plate Sticka ® hardly sits off the table and even under a small plate, kids would find it hard to get their fingers underneath. AND if they can’t see it they won’t even try!

I have tested Plate Sticka ® on many surfaces and many types of tableware and as long as the base of the bowl is not too small there are usually enough of the Plate Sticka ® suckers to work! But obviously the flatter the base the better it works and plates are a breeze! Plate Sticka ® loves almost all surfaces! from granite, glass, laminate and even smooth wood surfaces but like all suction devices, porous or non-stick surfaces don’t work as well. You do have the choice of all the tableware in your cupboard rather than just the bowl that came with ‘the kit’.

You can also add some water to Plate Sticka ® for extra sticking power and the more you use it the better it gets!

I believe Plate Sticka ® is the best product on the market for many reasons including its sheer ingenuity, simplicity, small size, portability and value for money!

And make sure you stay tuned as Plate Sticka ® is only the first of my products I hope to bring to market; I have more ideas as I ride the rollercoaster that is motherhood!