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plate sticka FAQ's suction bowl

Plate Sticka ® for arts and craft

Plate sticka is a suction bowl AND a suction plate

How does Plate Sticka ® work? Plate Sticka® simply uses suction power to keep plates and bowls in place, the number and size of each sucker has been designed to maximise its sucking power whilst minimising the height at which the plate or bowl sits of the table. This means kids barely notice it and even find it hard to get their fingers underneath to pull it off!

What will Plate Sticka ® stick to?Plate Sticka ® will stick to most surfaces and almost any plate or bowl provided each surface is clean and smooth. plate sticka does prefer surfaces that are as smooth as possible such as laminate, polished wood, granite and plastic compared to unfinished wood surfaces and like all devices that rely on suction power. And like all products that reply on suction, non-stick surfaces do not work as well. To maximise plate sticka’s sucking power you can wet each side and shake off the excess.

Why is Plate Sticka ® a boring clear colour? because Plate Sticka ® has been designed for grown ups! not kids! most of the time they won’t even notice it, particularly if its under a wide-based bowl or plate, but if they do happen to spot it they’ll still have trouble getting it off the table.

Can I wash Plate Sticka ® in the dishwasher? yes! manufacturers do recommend the top shelf however. The more you use Plate Sticka ® the more flexible and more effective it gets!

plate sticka suction plate for cooking

Plate sticka for the kitchen



Is the Plate Sticka ® BPA free? yes! however it’s not a toy! and shouldn’t be played with.


Do you recommend the Plate Sticka ® should be stored in a certain way? not really, mine always lived on the edge of the sink, or I had another one that was stored in a pocket in my nappy bag, obviously the cleaner it is the better it works so you can just give it a rinse under a tap.

What’s next for Clever Mothers? Like all mums I am full or ideas and a brand new product to make all mums lives a little easier will be out soon!