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plate sticka testimonials suction cup bowl

Plate Sticka ® for bowls and plates!

Plate Sticka ® Testimonials

“So simple and so clever!” Trish deWilde , Childcare Connections

“This one is true to its word and it actually does stick!”  Lara Hodgson, Author Sunny Coast Kids Magazine

Plate Sticka ® does what the name says, sticks the kids plate and bowls to the table….crockery even sticks to it  Penny Webb, Working Mums Masterclass

Plate Sticka ® is the latest and greatest baby bowl, so much better than suction bowls. Finally I am able to use normal dinnerware for my toddler  Jean4187,

“Using my plate sticka for the first time tonight and am already in love. My bub has given up trying to get the bowl off the table and has happily eaten all his dinner rather than half ending up on the floor with an over turned bowl. Very happy customer here! Lesley, Tempe NSW

“LOVE IT! lovely product! Cyndy, Baby Best Bargains 

“Works soooooo well and is very well designed Paul, Albury NSW

“What a fantastic idea! I can’t believe how much this has helped us get through meal times without any mess! Well done” Naomi, Kuranda QLD

“So simple and so portable, we can now go to a restaurant with a bit of insurance that the food won’t end up on the floor! Or worse a broken plate” Kate, Reedy Creek QLD

“it’s great that we can use our existing plates and bowls, our little one now feels all grown up as she uses the same plate and bowls as Mum and Dad” Erin, Gold Coast QLD

“Even though my little one is too young to feed herself, it’s good practice for her to be able to try without me having to hold the bowl! and it’s great having a spare hand” Debbie, Mooball NSW

“I dared my son to try and get a plate of the kitchen bench and he couldn’t do it! its designed so well that even if he could get his fingers under the plate he couldn’t lift it!, I don’t know what I ever did without it!” Jean, Minyama QLD

“we use ours everywhere, it’s even great for grown ups on the boat!” Suzanne, Salter Point WA

“love it! and the more you use it the better it gets!” Lisa, Mooloolabah QLD

plate sticka better than any suction bowl

Plate Sticka® means no mess!

“Our Plate Sticka ® is used for just about anything, from meals to keeping plates of craft supplies like paints in place while my kids create their masterpieces! it’s brilliant!”
Charlene, Buderim QLD

“The best thing about Plate Sticka ® is that my little ones don’t even notice that it’s there! if they did they would do their best to get it off! “Annie, Bli Bli QLD

“Before Plate Sticka ® I wasn’t too keen to do some cooking with the kids in the kitchen, now the mixing bowl stays in place, it’s awesome!” Bec, Burringbar NSW

The above are just a few of the great comments we’ve received! And if you’d like any further information please don’t hesitate to send us an email at